Thursday, June 23, 2016

Is your "Little Black Dress" not fitting the same, or just too little?  Getting older means people need to tune into better nutrition and exercise! 

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Colonial Foods in Connecticut

I was researching a location and menu for the Annual Meeting of The Flagon and Trencher    (Descendants of Colonial Tavern Keepers....Those persons, either male or female, who can prove direct descent from a person conducting a tavern, inn, ordinary, or other type of hostelry prior to 4 July 1776 (within the area which became the first 13 states).

The society dined at The Griswold Inn in Essex, CT and enjoyed a tour of the establishment which has been in consistent operation since 1776.  Since it is located on the CT River, of course the colonists would eat locally caught fish.   It was normal practice for a colonial home to maintain a "kitchen garden" that could include, herbs, root vegetable, corn, beans and green vegetables.  Therefore the menu included:  white fish, brisket, mixed root vegetables, baked beans and Apple Betty.  An alcoholic colonial rum punch and fresh lemonade rounded out the menu.

The Trencher Award was presented to me for researching, organizing and running this annual event.

In my research for this project, I ran across this colonial "Bar Tab" for George Washington, which I presented to the amusement of the crowd of just over fifty people.

"The tab comes from a farewell party Washington's troops threw him in 1787, just days before he and the rest of the crew signed off on the Constitution. The celebration was obviously held at Philly's historic City Tavern, and things took quite a turn. Here's what George and 54 of his closest friends consumed in one crazy night:
  • 54 bottles of Madeira
  • 60 bottles of claret
  • 22 bottles of porter
  • 12 bottles of beer (probably a growler size)
  • 8 bottles of hard cider (probably a growler size)
  • 8 bottles of Old Stock (a.k.a. colonial whiskey)
  • 7 large bowls of spiked punch
It's highly impressive Washington was even alive the next day, much less able to talk constitutional preambles and chop down the rest of the cherry trees in America, but it's this kind of freedom America was founded on.
Kristin Hunt is a food/drink staff writer for Thrillist. She definitely wishes she wrote her history thesis on this instead of the stupid Korean War. Follow her at @kristin_hunt."

Thursday, October 31, 2013

To Take Vit D or Not Take Vit D...that is the Question

They say you don't need Vit D to absorb Calcium......
But if you are careful to avoid the UV rays ......and the resulting Skin Cancer...then additional Vitamin D is needed!  The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends AVOIDING UV I do!

When you do that, one needs to consume fatty fish, or fortified diary product, cereals or other sources of Vitamin D.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Which Diet REALLY is BEST?

New Research will finally settle the question concerning which diet is best.....but it will take about 6 years! 


Don't miss the article by Gary Taubes in the new "Special Food Issue" of Scientific American Magazine, titled, "Which One Will Make You Fat? Rigorously controlled studies may soon give us a definitive answer about what causes obesity—excessive...  READ MORE

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Do You Struggle with Weight Loss?

Are you struggling to lose weight?
People overeat for a variety of reasons:
  • Our poor food choices
  • Emotional hunger
  • Unmet needs
  • Repressed feelings
  • Confusion around self identity
  • A call for love and help
  • Self hatred
  • Our disconnection from the body
  • Past history of sexual abuse
  • Being wounded by love
  • Financial worries
  • Repressed creativity
  • Being someone we are not
  • The need to forgive and move on
  • The need to earn how to truly nourish and care for oneself
  • Loneliness
In an article in The Institute for the Psychology of Eating, they say to "listen to your weight".  I have not researched this group, so I don't know how science based their research is, but I believe that it is important to look at the reason an overweight person thinks they struggle with weight.  Going on a "diet" is never the long term answer to the problem.  A 30 day "cleanse fast", or short term low carb diet is not the answer to life long weight management and health.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Get Real with the Milk!

Drink milk and it helps you lose weight????  It never made a logical link in my mind, and now the Federal Trade Commission research does not support the Dairy Council  ad either.